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Summer Sundays- Building Community

In the New Testament we find so many different analogies and pictures for the church. The Body, the priesthood of all believers, a flock, a family to name but a few. We are also introduced early in the book of Acts to the believers becoming a vibrant, active, prayerful, worship-filled community who not only loved Jesus but watched each others backs.

Our Summer Sundays will see us digging deeper into what being this kind of community really means. What Kind of Community does God want us to be? What would it really look like for us to be a community that puts God right at the centre? What does it mean for us to be a prayerful, worship filled community who shares needs and serves one another?

Throughout the Summer our services will see all ages worship together. They will be accessible for Children and adults and aimed to be shorter so you can get out and enjoy the Summer Sun! This also gives us the opportunity for us to build our community stronger so why don’t you use these weeks to invite someone new round for a Roast, get together as your small group for a Sunday afternoon walk or get together with your prayer partners and pray together.

Let’s make it a summer where we really build community rather than just talk about it.



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Mummy, Wife, Baptist Minister, lover of a great big God, book reader, walker, chocolate eater- the list could go on!


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