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Soul survivor time

Tents, teenagers and tonnes of fun! Some t’s that describe what happens at soul survivor. Let’s start with tents, have you ever attempted to get teenagers to put up tents… It is a wonderful thing to watch! Some are pro’s, most are not and thus always creates the first funny moments of any soul survivor trips.. poles in wrong places, fly sheets flapping and many giggles. Add some rain and it is all the more fun!

And then there are teenager, 10,000 of them to be exact! (Well a few of those are young at heart adults and long suffering youth leaders.) But have you ever seen 10:000 people.crammed in a big top worshipping with all they have?! It is a wonderful, humbling and brilliant experience. The energy and passion that these guys have as the worship, have fun in the many cafes and join in with sports, skating, cinemas and seminars is infectious.

And the tonnes of fun bit! Well late night chats, card games, practical jokes, dancing to cheesy pop and lots of jumping in muddy puddles makes for a fun filled week.

So that is a little window into soul survivor but actually it is way more! For most of the young people soul survivor is a mountian top experience. It is a time where they go expectant to meet God and God doesn’t diaappoint. Thousands of young people every summer become Christians, hundreds are healed from physical ans emotional pain andanyany more of spoken to by God about their future.

The other wonderful thing that always happens is that you get to experience what real Godly family looks… Living together, praying together, worshipping together, encouraging one another, crying together, celebrating together, sharing needs together (who is packing the portable hair straighteners this year?) And sharing everything. This kind of community is exactly the kind of family we have been talking about through our summer Sundays. It is a wonderful thing.
So that leads me to ask you to pray for the 22 who are heading off from Burlington this Sunday… Headed up by Dave Abbott the group are in for a treat. Please pray for good relationship within the group, sunshine but most of all for God to be at work in all the young people. I can’t go thus year as baby nos 2 is a little too close to coming so join me in praying that this will be a life changing week for the teenagers and leaders.

And are there any bad points to soul survivor.. well the showers are gross, the field is muddy and the beginner guitar players love playing oasis wonderwall at 3 in the morning! Apart from that it is one special week! (And I am gutted to miss it).


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