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Soul Survivor Day 2

Well that is it confirmed- I am responsible for the rain on day 1 of Soul Survivor. Let me explain, I have taken groups to Soul Survivor for over 15 years now and every single year Day 1 i.e the tent putting up day has always involved heavy rain! This year I don’t go and the tents went up in glorious sunshine! In fact I beleive Jonny Abbott is boasting a nice redness to his skin!!

On a more serious note, I have just spoken to David Abbott our SS co-ordinator and it sounds like it has be a brilliant start to their week at Soul Survivor. Last nights highlights included some incredible worship, watching the Olympics closing cermony with around 9,000 others and a good start to the relationships together.

Today has begun with some of the young people receiving prayer during the main sessions and a whole host of different seminars attended. David assures me they are eating like Kings and Queens and that so far Hannah Cotton is surviving her first camping expereince.

 Dry Shampoo is the only way to survive!!! Oh and wetwipes.

All in all Soul Survivor 2012 has begun really well. Let’s keeping Trusting that God will do something lasting in each of these teens.


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