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Where’s Wally?!

Who and Why?!?!?!?!

The who is David Abbott, the crazy, brave and fantastic guy who has lead our team of 22 down at Soul Survivor. The Why is because it is the last night of Soul Survivor and this is always dressing up night! It is always a brilliant night and this years theme is Where’s Wally! Can you imagine it 11,000 people dressed up as something from Where’s Wally? You have to love it!

In the midst of all the Wally’s, there will be a huge Worship Party tonight. This follows the final day of seminars and my highlight- the Communion service with 11,000 people. It is such a privledge to share commonion with so many who you have worshiped with and experienced God with. A wonderful way to end the week.

From the text messages and calls from our team it seems that it may have been the best year yet! The young people have grown as have the leaders, there have been many giggles (thanks guys for your redition of Wonderwall that you sent through on email!!) and God has worked in all of them.

Please pray for the team as they travel back through the night tonight and let’s pray for them all as this mountian top expereince ends and God teaches them how to apply all that he has been teaching them, back here in the real world.


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