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Launch the Lifeboats – Podcasts, thoughts and dreams

” We are called to be Fishers of Men not managers of an aquarium.” This statement has been bantered around our church gatherings for a number of months now. It captures some of what we were trying to say over our Launch the lifeboats day last Sunday.  Think for a moment of the people you … Continue reading

It’s time to launch some lifeboats!

   There have been a number of moments in the past ten years of Burlington’s history that have been sigificant moments. Moments where God has stirred us, moments where we have listened and God has spoken and moments where significant Kingdom things have happened. Sunday will be such a moment. I beg you to not … Continue reading

For such a time as this…..

So, today saw us talking about launching some lifeboats! What an incredible oppertunity we have as the Church of Jesus Christ. We are called to make him known, to show his love and to push back the darkness. To find out more about how we could begin to explore doing this together please spend some … Continue reading